KDuka User Guide

Getting Started

Signing up and Creating a Store

To get started on Kduka, visit the sign up page on http://www.kduka.co.ke/ and click on Let's start button.

Required fields:

  • Store Name - This is the name of your Store. Your Visitors will see this if you dont upload your logo.

  • Your Store Website - This is the address that you would like to have for your store. It shouldnt have any spaces or special characters. They will be stripped automatically. i.e If you fill out johndoe your clients will visit your store through johndoe.kduka.co.ke

  • Email - This is the email you will use to login to your store with. stores have separate logins to ensure independence and proper management of each store. It cant be the same for two stores

Click on the Next button to continue filling the form

  • Phone Number - This is the phone number that will be displayed on your store. it must be in the format 2547XXXXXXX e.g 254723232323

  • Password - The password you will use to login into your store. It must be secure since your store manages your earnings.

  • Repeat Password - Repeat the password you typed


After filling in the above details, click the create store button to create your store. You will be required visit your email address for the account activation link.


The link directs you to a login page. Enter your credentials to access your dashboard.


Managing your Store

Setting up delivery Options


Before you can activate your store, you need to have at least one delivery option set. You will have an option of three delivery methods

  • collection point - Specify a collection point where clients can pick up their goods
  • manual delivery - Create a range of locations where you can send the package to them and specify the costs
  • automated delivery - We have provided a way to use third party (sendy) delivery services who will pick the item from you and deliver to the client.

For now, we want to get the store up and running so we will specify a specific collection point, where the client will pick the goods

Click on "Save Delivery Settings"

Activating Store

Once you have set the delivery options, you can proceed to activate your store. To do this, click on the activate store button. Screenshot Once the page refreshes, you can visit your store's site by clicking on the address you specified. You can also type in the address of your store on the browser to access it.

Voila!! you just setup your store on KDuka! Check the next section to see how you can add categories, products and customize your store!

Adding a category

Ideally, the first thing you'll create is a category that will describe a group of products. On your dashboard side bar, go to Categories > Add Category

  • Name - This is the name of the category, it can't be empty

  • Description - Add a description for that Category

  • Make Category Active - Have this checked so that it can be displayed on your store, otherwise it won't.

Click on Save Category to save it on the store


Featured categories are categories that you want to appear on the homepage showing your latest product from that particular category.

To set it, simply click on the green option displayed on the category "Make Featured".

Adding a product

With at least one category, you can go ahead to add products. One category can have multiple products.

Navigate to your dashboard's sidebar, select Products > Add Product

Required Fields:

  • name - The name of what you're selling i.e Orange T-Shirt

  • price - The price of the product

  • category - Select a category from the categories you had created

  • number of products in stock - This is the number of units you have in stock for that products

  • description - Describe your product and add any extra information you would like your client to see

  • show product in store - If you want your items to appear on the store , have this checked. If you don't want to sell it yet, leave it unchecked

Optional Fields: * Show the price before discount - Have this selected if you are offering a discount and the new price is different from the initial one.

  • Price before discount - This is the initial price of the product, before offering a discount on it.

  • Dimensions - These are important when you want to use our third party delivery services

  • length - This is the length of the product in centimeters

  • width - This is the width of the product in centimeters

  • height - This is the height of the product in centimeters

  • weight - This is the weight of the product in kilograms

  • product images - This are images of the products that make it visual for the customers

You have an option of uploading up to 5 images for your product.

Once you have all the details filled, click on the create product button.


You can go ahead and add more products. The next step is picking a theme.


Themes are used to change the appearance of a store. We are constantly working to ensure that you get a good variety of themes to give your store that desired unique look.

On the sidebar, navigate to Themes. You will find 4 options you can use to customize your store; Elite store, Modern, Electronic store and CStore.

Choose Layout

To pick a theme, click on the one you want. You will get an overview image of it's appearance. To exit the image, click on close or the X at the top. With selected theme (whose radio button is checked), click on save layout details button at the bottom.


Choose Theme Color

At the top, next to choose theme button, you will see the choose theme color button. Click on it.

Your can set your own theme colors to be used in your website.

You will be presented with a color picker where you can select or input the color code of the color you want.


Results in this kind of effect on your store:


If you don't want to change your fonts, you can go ahead and save layout details else, click on the choose store font

Choose Store Font

This allows you to select the text font you want for your store.


Once you have picked your store font, click the Save layout Details button.

Visit your store to see whether the outcome is satisfiable, if not, you can go back and make the necessary changes.

Store settings

Pages settings

We give you an option of having two pages in your website. The home page, and the about page. The products and contact us pages are default.

On your dashboard sidebar, click on store settings then 'Pages'

You can check the 'Enable home page' checkbox to enable people to view your homepage, or uncheck it to remove the homepage option

If you enable the homepage, its important to upload your own banner image for your website. You can do this by clicking the button under Banner Image , selecting your banner and clicking on the "Save Pages Button"


Featured Categories and Your latest products will be viewed on the homepage

You can also check the "Enable about page" checkbox to enable the about page. You can give information about your website and business here. Clicking on the "Save Pages Button" saves your changes

NB: If you don't enable the homepage, the first page a customer will view when they visit your website will be the about page. If both home page and about page are disabled, the first page will be the All Products page"

Store settings

These are the general setting of your store; including name of the store, store url, slogan, logo and a choice whether you want to display it, display email, phone number and business location. Once done, click on the save store settings button

Social media settings

This is where you add links to your social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, youtube and vimeo). This way you can share products directly. Once you add the applicable links, click on save social media settings button.

Delivery settings

Before you activated your store, you were required to set atleast one delivery option. Here is a more detailed elaboration on how to go about it.

Manual Delivery

This option is used when you have set locations and their prices. You will initiate this delivery manually after an order has been made

On the Sidebar, navigate to Store Settings > Delivery Settings

You can enable this options by checking the "Enable manual delivery" checkbox

Type any instructions you want to give to the client - These will be the instructions that you have for the client, If there are any, or information you want to provide to the clients

  • Add a delivery location - Specify the area of delivery you want to add.

  • Price - Type in the price for that area.

Click on add Option.


Automatic Delivery

This option makes use of a third party to immediately deliver goods to your clients.

Head over to Sendyit.com and sign up. They will give you a username and key which you will use next

Type pickup point for goods - Ideally you will set a location where your goods are locate i.e a business location/ warehouse

  • Sendy Username - This is the username provided by sendyit

  • Sendy Key - This is the api key provided by sendyit

Click on "Verify and save sendy credentials" button. If your credentials are correct, you will recieve a success message as shown above. Congratulations you have setup automatic delivery.

NB: You need to have sufficient funds in your Sendy account in order for clients to automatically request that method

Activation Settings

After creating you store, you had an option to activate it. If by any chance you have a reason to deactivate it, click on store settings > activation settings > Deactivate store button.

Note: Your store will no longer be visible/ accessible to your customers. They will view an error page instead.

Password Settings

This allows you to change your account password and email

  • Email - This is autofilled with the email you used to create the account. To change, just edit it.

  • Current Password - This is the password you are using currently.

  • Password - This is the new password that you want to start using.

  • Password Confirmation - This is a repeat of the new password you are setting.


This is a voucher that grants a customer a discount on a particular product(s).

Create a coupon

On the sidebar of your dashboard, click on coupon then create a coupon. You will have two options; percentage discount or fixed amount discount. Choose the one that suits you and fill out the details

  • Code - This is the unique identifier of the coupon that you give to customers

  • Number of times - This is the number of times the holder can use that coupon.

  • Percentage - This is percentage of the total amount that the holder is granted off.

  • Amount - This is exact amount granted off.

  • Expiry date - This is the date the coupon expires or becomes invalid.

  • Active - This is a checkbox to activate your coupon.

Once you have filled all the required details, click on Create coupon button.

In addition, if you want to create many coupons at once, click on the create multiple coupons option.


Manage coupon

To view all your coupons, click on Coupons > Manage coupons. You can also add a new coupon from this page by clicking on Add New Coupon button.


This is the best part yet, finances. The funds page shows you the amount of money you have and your transaction history.

  1. Actual balance: This is the amount credited to you before verification.

  2. Available balance: This is the amount of money you can access.

  3. Transfer of funds: This allows you to transfer funds to a mobile number.

  4. Transaction History: This shows you all the transactions that have taken place on your kduka store. If you want to view the entire history, click on the View Entire History button.


Dashboard (Overview)

Once you have populated and added your categories, products and have transactions, this is what your dashboard will look like.